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Court Booking

Courts are not booked. Open courts are available for first-come, first-play during open court time periods.


Tournaments, clinics, lessons, team practices, team match play and other special events take precedence. Check the Calendar on this site for schedule of these events before heading to the courts to play.


In the spirit of fairness and friendship, we ask all members to respect the Club Rules.


When others are waiting, please limit play to 45 minutes.


Single players using the court for practise must relinquish the court when other players are waiting.

Club Rules
1.  Soft-soled non-marking shoes must be worn.
2.  All players using courts must be members. No guests. No sharing of lock combinations.
3.  No bikes, rollerskates/blades, skateboards or other objects which could damage court surfaces allowed.
4.  Lights on only while courts in use. Please turn off when leaving..
5.  Lock gates when finished.
6.  Remove your garbage and recyclables.
7.  Courtesy in play and in the use of the courts is expected of all players.
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