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My name is Dallas Ramsay, and I am super excited to be coaching at Tottenham Tennis Club again in this upcoming 2023 season! 


As a certified Tennis instructor, I have been coaching tennis for the past 8 years in Newmarket and also here at Tottenham Tennis Club since the summer of 2021. I truly love every aspect of the sport and I know you will find that my enthusiasm and love of the game are evident.


I have played tennis all of my life and have competed in OTA and Tennis Canada tournaments since the age of 12 and still continue to do so. In 2020 I achieved a personal best provincial ranking, #12 in doubles and #16 in singles. My commitment to tennis is a lifelong one.


In my lesson program this summer in Tottenham, students will learn the basic shots and techniques, and then will be given the chance to use these tools in real game situations. Concepts will slightly vary depending on age and level of participants in various classes, but everyone will get the opportunity to learn something new, develop new skills or improve existing ones, and most importantly will learn how to apply it to their game!


In our tennis camps, the kids will be learning all of the essential tools needed to learn how to swing, serve, volley, and play out points. The kids can look forward to a fun tournament at the end of the week.  My biggest goal is to ensure the kids are having fun most importantly, but also really learning how to play the game of tennis.


​I also offer private lessons and semi-privates lessons which can be arranged by texting me directly 289-383-7757.

My rates for Tottenham Tennis Club Members are as follows:


​Privates: $50/hr 

Semi-Privates: $60/ hr


Looking forward to meeting and working with all of you this season!


Stay Safe,

Dallas Ramsay

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